5 Fun Preschool Activities for Hot Weather Days

Think Cool: Don’t underestimate the power of simple!

  1. Popsicles! Popsicles are a classic summer treat for everyone. Be sure when picking out your popsicles to be aware of food allergies and restrictions. For a healthier twist make your own! Try ingredients like fresh fruit, juice or yogurt. Freeze them in popsicle molds or use Dixie cups and popsicle sticks.
  2. Milk Carton Boats: Science lesson and waterplay! Take old but clean milk cartons and cut them to create a boat. If you like, paint it and fashion a mast with a toothpick and recycled plastic. Try out your boats in a kiddie pool and if they have any trouble floating, problem solve with the kids!
  3. Water Cup Relay: Divide kids into teams. Have each team form a line and each kid has a paper cup. At one end of the line is a bucket with water. At the other end is another empty bucket or smaller container. The first person in line fills their cup then pours it in the cup of the next person in line. This person then does the same and it continues. The last person in line pours it into the empty container. Rather than have each team compete to be first, time how long it takes for ALL teams to finish. For added fun, try to beat your own score. Cheer when you finish!
  4. Pipe cleaner Bubble Experiments: Do bubbles always come out round? Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around objects of varying shapes,. You might use a round toilet paper roll or a square block, then twist the ends and take it off the shape. This is the head of the bubble wand. You can twist it to another pipe cleaner to make a handle- great for fine motor skills! Dip it in bubble soap and observe! Do bubbles always come out round? Glue bottles make great oval shapes for pipe cleaners. Cookie cutters could make great star shapes.
  5. Water Balloon Pinatas: Caution: Kids may have so much fun with this that they will talk about it for days! Fill up part way balloons with water, (make sure you have no latex allergies). Knot them, and tie them on a rope. Find a good place to hang them such as between two trees. Take turns hitting them with a stick. Make sure to have others steer clear so no one gets hit with the stick.
Bubble Fun!

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