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Your life is crazy, I get it. Read on and know you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m Laura. A Middle School Teacher, A mother to twins, and wife to a guy who’s always joking. Life tends to be a little crazy.

  • How Soccer Saved My Life
    Soccer was my first love. I remind my husband of that. When I was 12 I joined the soccer team at school because all of my friends were going to do it. […]
  • The Smallest Things Matter the Most
    The Smallest Things Matter the Most So my dear friend Margaret recommended I take the enneagram test. Margaret is one of those friends who you’ve known since childhood. She’s always there and […]
  • My Life As I Imagined It
    Laura Mathieu July 24, 2022 When I was six, I never imagined my life would be, well, anything close to the way it’s turned out at age 41. I always pictured myself […]

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