The Teacher’s Room: Tips for Schools

Why I’m Failing My Diverse Students, and What I’m Doing About It

This is a tough topic. I am a language teacher. I have struggled to keep heritage students to sign up for my Advanced Spanish class. Even though they’re the ones that should love it the most. I’m from “vanillaville” as my teacher friend Angie described it. I have an appreciation and love for others cultures. […]

60,000,000,000 Things Happening at Once

On a Friday after Halloween week, you emerge from the school into the sunshine and warmth, and stand and look at the clouds. As if millions of butterflies were hovering and you could feel their presence. As if none of this really matters, but how you handle it all matters tremendously.

7 Post Pandemic Teaching Observations and Just How Far We’ve Come

We are currently in year 3 of the pandemic. Except now it is an endemic. This means the threat of COVID is no longer dangerous to the majority of the population. It is now considered a manageable disease. But because we are still so close to the start of the pandemic there are lingering affects […]


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Thanks for coming to the teacher’s room! Let’s get real and talk about school without kids present.

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