The Teacher’s Room: Tips for Schools

5 Cool, Crazy Community Building Activities for Middle School

Low Pressure Games to Foster Classroom Community The beginning of the school year is a blank slate. You are all new to one another after a summer at home. Kids and teachers get to start fresh, in a new class. The students look to the teacher to set the tone, behavior norms and class culture […]

3 Crazy Ways Students Act After the Pandemic and What Educators Can Do To Help:

When schools shut down across the country, we were in uncharted waters. Kids stayed at home while parents worked. Some thrived and learned more self-discipline. Others learned to slough off. Many delt with fear, anxiety and depression. Some lost people they loved to COVID. Others dealt with loneliness. Many lost their jobs and domestic violence […]

5 Fun Preschool Activities for Hot Weather Days

Think Cool: Don’t underestimate the power of simple! Popsicles! Popsicles are a classic summer treat for everyone. Be sure when picking out your popsicles to be aware of food allergies and restrictions. For a healthier twist make your own! Try ingredients like fresh fruit, juice or yogurt. Freeze them in popsicle molds or use Dixie […]

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