This One Easy Health Tip Can Help You Achieve Any Improvement Goal

Hello there, friends.

We’re nearing the end of January, a dry month for me, and also the start of our school health challenge. It’s been a struggle to keep going, but I’ve done it.

I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in a while.

I’m running five days a week, and eating healthier. With no alcohol, I sleep better and feel good when I wake up.

Not headachy or with a stomach going through withdrawal.

My cravings for junk have stopped, too. The only reason I might have some junk is because I need a little boost of energy, not because I’m craving the food.

Woohoo! Now that’s something to celebrate.

So THIS health tip I recommend can be applied to any new initiative you’re trying.

Are you ready? Here it is: Give the habit two weeks.

That’s it! That’s the tip. Do your habit every day for 14 days.

Be consistent. Stick with it. Get to the end of that two week mark. You WILL start to see results. Whatever your goal is, it should start to get easier after two weeks.

Starting a new exercise program?

Your body needs time to adjust. Your lungs and heart will strengthen. Your muscles will break down, then build themselves back up. You will have days where you are dragging. But be consistent and get out. Every day.

After two weeks, you will notice your body adjusting. It will start to get easier. You will start to look forward to it, and your body will start loving it when you get out. Not every single day. But some days. And it will get easier.

Need to kick sugar to the curb?

Start eating sweet healthy food. Don’t buy the junk. Eat healthy for two weeks. Make yourself a deal- if you can last two weeks, then you can treat yourself to something small but special.

What you might notice is your taste buds adjust. You still love sweetness but REAL, NATURAL sweetness. Regular food starts to taste better. Rice. Fruit. Even veggies. You’ll start to taste more and enjoy eating healthy.

After eating junk, you might even start to feel icky. Your body doesn’t need it. Your mind doesn’t want it. Your tummy says, “no thanks.”

Two weeks. And if it feels good still- why stop there? Carry that trend all month. Or 8 weeks. Or make it a lifestyle change.

Want less screen time?

Get a good book. Promise yourself you’ll read before bed every night for two weeks. You might love the results. You might keep reading before bed as your new habit.

Want a cleaner house?

Pick a spot to focus on. The bathroom counter and toilet. Or the dishes. Make sure you have a specific goal. Every day I’ll do a quick wipe and scrub of the bathroom sink and toilet. Or every day I’ll make sure my sink is emptied and ALL the dishes are done or in the dishwasher. Give it two weeks. You’ll see those results. You’ll feel great. You might even carry that habit on for a long time.

Making a life adjustment may seem daunting. Breaking it down into a smaller chunk is a way to measure success. Choose specific behaviors. Not more than 30 minutes. Every day, consistently for at least 14 days.

You’ll surprise yourself at what you can do when you put your mind to it and give it a chance. Habits aren’t changed instantaneously. They deserve a chance. YOU deserve a chance to better your life. Give yourself the gift of consistency. Give yourself two weeks at least.

What health habits do YOU recommend? Let me know in the comments.

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